New Life

November is National Blog Posting Month, and several of my friends are challenging themselves to post every day for the month of November. I thought I would do my best to participate, even though I am starting on November 2nd.

Today I got to visit my future kittens! The litter has four black kittens and one tiger kitten, although one of the black kittens clearly has some stripes kind of hidden underneath the black fur. I had been awake for 24 hours, smelled like God knows what from my nursing home job, and had dumped water down my leg in the car, but the owner of Mama Roxie was still kind enough to let me stop by.

I think the babies liked me better because I was stinky. They all climbed on me and smelled me, and I snuggled each and every one of them before settling on the little tiger and the fluffiest black kitten. We don’t know their genders yet so I will hold off on choosing names. I have to wait another month to bring them home. It was a very very happy start to my November.

I am still sad about losing my other cats. I will always love them and remember them. Susie is still alive and hopefully settling into her new home with someone who can afford her fancy digestive enzymes and meds. Georgie will always be my angel kitty. I’m just one of those people who is more easily comforted and healed with other furbabies in my life. Not replacements – just love-receivers. 🙂

11.2.15 (03) 11.2.15 (20) 11.2.15 (06) 11.2.15 (17)


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